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The Deutsche Bank Internship Programme spans a wide range of locations and career paths. Whether your interests lie in investment banking, asset management, technology, human resources or another of our many options, an internship with us prepares you for success in an international banking environment. It could also serve as your introduction to a thriving and lasting career. Because our internships are a rich source of talent for the Deutsche Bank Graduate Training Programme, yours could also launch a long-term career with us.

Banker’s acceptances are time drafts that a business can order from This can be thought of as a maturity date for a claim on another’s BAs are frequently used in international trade because of advantages for both sides.

Most junior bankers aren’t in steady relationships. However, it might just be an age thing. It’s very difficult to find time for the continuity that a relationship requires. It was ok to start with, but then they’d want to see me more and my lack of availability became an issue. What can you do, then, to get through the lonely years? None of us are dating each other. Contact: sbutcher efinancialcareers. Bear with us if you leave a comment at the bottom of this article: all our comments are moderated by human beings.

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A banker’s acceptance is an instrument representing a promised future payment by a bank. The payment is accepted and guaranteed by the bank as a time draft to be drawn on a deposit. The draft specifies the amount of funds, the date of the payment or maturity , and the entity to which the payment is owed. After acceptance, the draft becomes an unconditional liability of the bank.

Banker’s acceptances are distinguished from ordinary time drafts in that ownership is transferable prior to maturity, allowing them to be traded in the secondary market. A banker’s acceptance starts with a deposit in the amount of the future payment plus fees. A time draft to be drawn on the deposit is issued for the payment at a future date, analogous to a post-dated check. The bank accepts guarantees the payment to the holder of the draft, analogous to a cashier’s check. The draft holder may hold the acceptance until maturity and receive the face value payment from the bank, or it may sell exchange the acceptance at a discount to another party willing to wait until maturity to receive the bank’s promised payment.

Banker’s acceptances are advantageous in transactions between unacquainted parties by reducing credit risk , and are used extensively in international trade for this reason. In an agreement whereby goods will be sold at a future date, if the buyer does not have an established relationship with or otherwise cannot obtain credit from the seller, a banker’s acceptance enables it to substitute the bank’s creditworthiness for its own. Banker’s acceptances date back to the 12th century when they emerged as a means to finance uncertain trade, as banks bought bills of exchange at a discount.

During the 18th and 19th centuries, there was an active market for sterling banker’s acceptances in London. When the United States Federal Reserve was formed in , one of its purposes was to promote a domestic banker’s acceptance market to rival London’s to boost US trade and enhance the competitive position of US banks.

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ABS expresses principal prepayments as a percentage of the original number of loans or contracts in the pool of securitized loans that created the security. ABS is always expressed as a monthly rate. Absorption A term used by real estate lenders and developers to describe the process of renting up newly built or renovated office space or apartments. The term “absorption period” is often used to describe the period of time necessary for absorption.

Abstract of title A written report summarizing the history of title transactions and conditions of title that affect a given piece of land covering the period from the present back to a date in the past.

National and other holidays observed by the Bank. Table: Holiday Schedule of the Bank Month January; Date 1.

The War for Independence was over, but all was not well. The United States of America, a name the new country had adopted under the Articles of Confederation, was beset with problems. The s saw widespread economic disruption. One prominent architect of the fledgling country — Alexander Hamilton, the first secretary of the Treasury under the new Constitution — had ambitious ideas about how to solve some of these problems. One of those was creating a national bank. In December , Hamilton submitted a report to Congress in which he outlined his proposal.

Hamilton used the charter of the Bank of England as the basis for his plan. Thomas Jefferson was afraid that a national bank would create a financial monopoly that might undermine state banks and adopt policies that favored financiers and merchants, who tended to be creditors, over plantation owners and family farmers, who tended to be debtors.

Jefferson also argued that the Constitution did not grant the government the authority to establish corporations, including a national bank. President Washington signed the bill into law in February The Bank of the United States, now commonly referred to as the first Bank of the United States, opened for business in Philadelphia on December 12, , with a twenty-year charter.

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See More. The Bank expects a sharp rebound in economic activity in the reopening phase of the recovery, followed by a more prolonged recuperation phase. Understanding digital currencies and related financial technologies is an important part of our research agenda. These forecasts are provided to Governing Council in preparation for monetary policy decisions.

Hamilton used the charter of the Bank of England as the basis for his plan. sale of shares was the largest initial public offering (IPO) in the country to date.

The bank draft is a convenient and secure tool for paying a large sum, without having to withdraw cash from your account. See if this solution suits your needs. The bank draft is a payment instrument whose funds are guaranteed by your financial institution. It works very simply. To obtain a bank draft, just head to your bank. Then you will be issued a bank draft, which is a document made out in the name of the person who will receive the money.

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People in finance work incredibly long hours. What’s it like being married to such a person? In an earlier post here , a banker’s ex-girlfriend spoke of her failed attempts to make her relationship work.

How to access benefits and how we can help checks with your mobile device; Manage your account profile to ensure your contact information is up to date.

Please tell us where you bank so we can give you accurate rate and fee information for your location. The minimum opening balance varies depending on the type of CD account. View our CD accounts page for details. Visit our bank account interest rates page to view our CD interest rates. CD accounts are set to auto-renew at maturity, but there is a grace period a period of time following the maturity date of the account during which you can make a deposit to or withdrawal from the account, change the term of the account or cancel the account.

Please note that a deposit, withdrawal or term change can be made only once during the grace period.

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The Office of the Comptroller of the Currency OCC provides information and resources to help bank management understand and fulfill their responsibilities. Resources range from bank directors workshops held throughout the country to publications that address strategic issues, risk management, and compliance. Information for Bankers. District and Field Office Contact Information.

Local KC bank, 43 branches – Leawood, St. Jo, Shawnee, Lee’s Summit, Overland Park, Olathe, Prairie Village, Mission, NKC, Smithville and Paola.

Penalty for early withdrawal. Fees may reduce earnings. Stated APY based on month term. APY may vary if another term is selected. Available only for customers holding accounts for personal, family or household purposes. Interest rates will not automatically apply to Certificates of Deposit that are automatically renewing. Your interest rate, APY, and the applicable benefits tier may change while enrolled in the Relationship Package.

Determination of rate : The interest rate on your account is based on the initial base interest rate, plus the bonus interest rate corresponding to the benefits tier which you qualify for during the evaluation period. Frequency of rate changes : We may change the bonus interest rate on your account every time you qualify for a different benefits tier.

Limitations on rate changes : The interest rate will never drop below the initial base interest rate disclosed to you on your CD Signature Card for the agreed upon term of the CD.


When the business is half the world away, however, lending can be a riskier proposition. If today is Jan. This can be thought of as a maturity date for a claim on another’s assets. For this reason, banker’s acceptances are considered to be investments, whereas checks are not.

A banker’s acceptance is an instrument representing a promised future payment by a bank. The payment is accepted and guaranteed by the bank as a time draft to be drawn on a deposit. The draft specifies the amount of funds, the date of the payment (or maturity).

Recently, this email came in to the blog: “My boyfriend of two years has just started as a graduate in a major bank, and I’ve found it difficult to understand his new life. It is so bizarre. Your blog has helped me to understand the finance culture somewhat. A few weeks later we meet at a Starbucks for coffee. She is in her early 20s, a fast-talking, cheerful woman of south-east Asian descent.

I don’t understand how she can be okay with all the late nights and going to social events on her own, and generally being with someone who is always somewhere else. Why is she making excuses for him? Why doesn’t she fight back, why doesn’t she say, ‘I deserve someone who’s there for me’? She seems to have a very traditional view of how women should behave. And I never understood how this would impact my life. Over the summer it was still all right, his hours were between 9am and 7pm.

I was like, okay, I can handle this.

City stress: the health risk to bankers